Italy: Saudi FM accuses Iran of aiding al-Qaeda at MED summit

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir discussed a wide array of issues including Syria, Iran, Yemen and Lebanon during the second day of the third Mediterranean Dialogues (MED) summit in Rome on Friday. Speaking about the Syrian peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition delegations, al-Jubeir stated that Saudi Arabia supports «an interim governing council and elections... Еще» in the country. Al-Jubeir then touched extensively on Iran, accusing it of «aiding and abetting terrorism” and dealing with al-Qaeda. He alleged that Iran had the objective «to have a land bridge to the Mediterranean» and established Hezbollah in Lebanon to serve «Iran’s interests, and not Lebanese interests». Saudi Arabia has «good relations with almost every country in the world, except Iran and North Korea,» al-Jubeir said, stressing his country’s willingness to build bridges. Regarding the war in Yemen, Al-Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia had responded to the request of Yemen's President to restore his legitimate government. He lauded Saudi Arabia as a robust fighter of terrorism, and stressed the need to fight «the men, the money and the mindset» of terrorism in order to defeat it.

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