Italy: Salvini, Le Pen 'do not want Europe to pay the bill' for immigration

The Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and the leader of far-right French party Front National, Marine Le Pen held a debate on the economic growth and social future of Europe on Monday in Rome. The event took place at General Labour Union (UGL) headquarters, where the two politicians, both eurosceptics and advocates of anti-migration policies, discussed plans for «an alternative Europe... Еще» and presented what Salvini has called «Project for Africa». «The enemies of Europe are those who are entrenched in the Brussels bunker. The enemies of the European people and of the happiness of the European people are Juncker and Moscovici,» Salvini said. He added: «Big financial groups, supported by the left, have an interest in unlimited migration because they need new underpaid slaves for the European industry.» Le Pen echoed Salvini's statement, saying: «The European Union, through people like Juncker or Moscovici, propose to accelerate towards its model. It's crazy. A savage globalization it's like when you leave a restaurant and the last one has to pay the bill.» «We don't want Europe to pay the bill,» she followed.

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