Italy: Salvini demands EU end Libya arms embargo to fight human traffickers

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said that the European Union should lift its arms embargo on Libya in order to combat migrant trafficking, during a joint press conference with his Libyan counterpart Ahmed Maiteeq in Rome on Thursday. «We want the end of the embargo because human traffickers and weapon dealers obviously disregard the embargo and arm themselves as they wish, and the only... Еще ones who are blocked are those who represent legitimate and recognized authorities,» he stated. «The Libyan government is under restrictions with regards to equipment, maritime security — this is a major problem that we suffer from, as we are often unable to protect our maritime boundaries,» noted Maiteeq. Salvini also announced that he will be meeting with his German counterpart Horst Seehofer «to agree an Italian-German agreement on the phenomenon of immigration and to put Libya and the concrete help to Libya as the first point of the European Council of Ministers of Interiors to be held on 12 July in Innsbruck.»

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