Italy: Salvini casts his vote on M5S coalition draft in Milan

Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini cast his vote on a joint manifesto put forward by his far-right party and the left-wing Five Star Movement (M5S), in Milan on Saturday. After a series of negotiations, the two parties drafted a coalition agreement, which they are set to present to Italian President Sergio Mattarella before Monday. However before delivering the policy programme, they decided to... Еще give Italians a say on the draft deal. «We did something new in the history of the Italian Republic. We defined the programme, point by point, and we have to respect it month by month,» Salvini said after voting. The improvised referendum will continue on Sunday. According to reports, both Salvini and M5S leader Luigi Di Maio voiced confidence that the ballot would back the coalition deal. The populist duo's report, which was revealed on Friday, calls for a strict deportation policy, transparency over the financing of religious institutions and for Islamic prayers to be conducted in Italian as well as billions of euro in tax cuts and getting rid of a pension reform that raised the age of retirement. The agreement also demands an end to EU sanctions on Russia. Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the EU has applied restrictions against Russian companies.

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