Italy: Russian coronavirus response team holds briefing in Bergamo

A Russian coronavirus response team made up of 104 doctors and health workers arrived in the northern Italian city of Bergamo on Thursday. Thirty-two doctors and health workers will work in a field hospital currently being built in Bergamo, one of the worst-hit cities by the coronavirus, Russian Consul General to Milan Alexander Nurizade said. «We have a common commitment to fight this evil... Еще,» Nurizade said. Nurizade also commented on the relatively low number of CoVid-19 cases in Russia, seeing it as a result of Russia's «fairly strict restrictive measures from the beginning.» «We are more or less following the example of Italy,» Nurizade added. «We have eight medical teams. They are made up of an anesthesiologist, a hematologist, an epidemiologist and an anesthesiologist nurse. In addition to that, there will be a large-capacity medical unit dedicated to improving internal and external facilities,» one Russian official said during a press conference detailing Moscow's coronavirus response team. «We decided to mostly support facilities that are hosting elderly people and facilities that present medical deficiencies. This means the facilities that need our help the most.» Fifteen Il-76 planes of the Russian Aerospace Forces with military specialists and equipment to help combat the coronavirus pandemic have arrived in Italy so far. Italy has been Europe's worst-hit country by the COVID-19 outbreak, with 74,386 confirmed cases and 7,503 deaths as of March 26, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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