Italy: Russia sanctions are 'useless' — Lega secretary

Regional secretary for the Lega Nord party Paolo Grimoldi criticised EU sanctions imposed on Russia, during a video interview from Milan on Saturday. The politician claimed that Italy has received «nothing» in return for the sanctions that were implemented on Russia in 2014. «I think that we are not the only ones in Europe that consider the sanctions to Russia useless», he said. Grimoldi... Еще stated that European economies including that of Italy have suffered because of the referendum in Crimea. «The sanctions are useless and even worse because our economy gets troubles with sanctions to Russia and for which reason, because in Crimea they had a referendum and they decided to be Russian», he stated. “I do not understand why it is ok for some countries to have a democratic vote and decide, what they are, but the people in Crimea or Russia cannot do the same,” he said, drawing a comparison to the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo from Serbia, which was not followed by sanctions. The Lega Nord secretary also commented on Italy's relationship to Brussels, stating that Rome is a net contributor to the EU budget. «If we have to loose eight billion euro ($9.4 billion) every single year [to the EU], we would like to not get troubles from the European Union considering that we pay them for free», he said.

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