Italy: Researchers in Milan find 'super antibodies' to fight against coronavirus

Researchers at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan discovered «super antibodies» to boost the fight against COVID-19, as seen on Thursday. The study analysed the blood of 509 patients who were admitted to a Milan hospital, and led to the identification of a class of antibodies that are very effective in fighting the infection. The presence of these antibodies in the blood is believed to reduce mortality by over 60 percent. «This is not a first step towards a cure but it develops knowledge that will allow those who are creating drugs targeted for this virus to have an instrument of better background, of better knowledge,» said Lorenzo Piemonti, the professor who directed the research in the university's Diabetes Research Institute. «We will be able to study people who have been vaccinated to understand whether the immune response they have mounted is actually a valid response to protect them from the virus,» Piemonti said. «We have had the opportunity to understand that there are memory antibodies in our body that can react better in response to this new virus,» the professor added. Piemonti's team findings were recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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