Italy: Protesters remove 'tourist checkpoints' in Venice ahead of long weekend

Dozens of protesters attempted to remove checkpoints installed by authorities to curb the number of tourists in Venice ahead of the long weekend, during a demonstration on Sunday. One protester said, «It's not the mayor who owns the city. It's not the police and not the tourists either. It's the people living in Venice.» He went on to say that «Venice is dying» and that «the mayor wants this... Еще city to become a city with no inhabitants, with no people.» Demonstrators were seen taking some of the gates apart and carrying them away, despite Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro claiming that the action was to make the city more «livable» for the 60,000 residents of the historic city centre. On Saturday, checkpoints separating tourists from local residents were placed in Venice due to the high amount of visitors expected this weekend. Checkpoints — active until May 1 — were installed in high-transit areas such as the Constitution Bridge and the Santa Lucia train station. Only residents and those possessing a Carta Venezia for frequent visitors will be allowed along the main routes to reach the city's main tourist hotspots, while everyone else will have to take less direct routes.

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