Italy: Protesters hit Niscemi streets to say 'No MUOS'

Hundreds marched through the Sicilian town of Niscemi on Saturday to protest against the US Navy's Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite base. The rally take place on the anniversary of the 2013 anti-MUOS march, which gathered thousands of protesters and had seven people arrested and are currently being prosecuted. The installation of the MUOS communication systems near the city of... Еще Niscemi had provoked a backlash from local residence who feared about its effects on those living nearby. The MUOS is a narrowband military communications satellite system that supports a worldwide, multi-service population of users through a narrowband. The US Department of Defence uses the system, which improves ground communication between different parts of the army and navy. Construction of the ground station in Italy was halted for nearly half of 2013 due to protesters concerned about health risks and environmental damage from radio waves. In May 2016, the Administrative Court of Palermo ruled that the MUOS is not harmful to humans.

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