Italy: Pro-migrant billboards appeal to Italian voters ahead of elections

Photographer and artist Gianluca Vassallo attached pro-migrants billboards around Bologna on Tuesday, five days ahead of general elections in Italy. The project is called 'Vote for Me' and Vassallo realised it in collaboration with Cheap, an independent organisation that promotes street-art as an instrument to redefine the cities. Commenting on the prevalent anti-immigrant rhetoric ahead of... Еще the elections, a local said: «Unfortunately this fear of immigration is spreading in Italy. So a big chunk of population may choose to vote against immigration out of fear of this issue.» Another local weighed in that «there is not a political programme completely in favour of migrants and that could be 100% positive for them that could improve their situation.» 'Vote for me' is a project realised for the national elections in Italy on 4th march and its goal is to raise awareness about the use of migration as a «political weapon» during the election campaign.

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