Italy: Precious haul of Roman gold coins on display in Milan

Around 300 ancient roman coins were presented to the public by Italian Minister of Culture Alberto Bonisoli in Milan on Monday, after their discovery in Como on Friday. The coins, dating from the late Roman imperial era — fifth century AD, were found inside a soapstone jar in the basement of the Cressoni Theater. Como, located on the shores of the eponymous northern Italian lake, was once the... Еще site of the Roman town of Novum Comum. The vase's precious contents were revealed during construction work after labourers chose to cut it open. The find was then transported to Milan for further analysis. Reports in the Italian media suggest the haul could be worth millions of dollars. At present, there is no clear plan about where to store the coins, but Italian Minister of Culture Alberto Bonisoli seemed to indicate that they could find a permanent home in Como. «If the mayor of Como [Mario Landriscina] wants them [the coins], I would happily leave them to him. The important thing is, I repeat, if they are found in a place, they belong to that place,» he told reporters.

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