Italy: Port mayors open arms to migrants despite Salvini's orders

Several Italian port city mayors have expressed their solidarity and wish to take in 629 migrants stranded on a humanitarian ship after Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's ordered Italian ports to abstain from taking in the migrants aboard. «A boat which doesn't find its harbour can come to the port of Naples, with the great capacity of care and humanity of this city,» said Luigi De Magistris... Еще, mayor of Naples. «If you lose the heart, you lose the opportunity to create a political community that shows solidarity,» he added. Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando echoed De Magistris’s welcoming sentiments saying, «The mayor doesn't make any differences between those who were born here and those who decided to come and live here.» The humanitarian ship Aquarius is the only one operating in the Mediterranean at present after a crackdown on NGOs. Aquarius rescued 629 in two different operations, with the coordination of the Italian coastguard. They were set to dock in Sicily, but Salvini responded by closing Italian ports and saying that Malta should take the boat. Several other Italian mayors have publicly expressed their will to allow the boat to dock in their cities, including Messina.

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