Italy: PM Conte among hundreds at Five Star Movement rally in Rome

Hundreds of supporters attended a rally held by the Italian Five Star Movement in Rome on Sunday. While speaking at the rally, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who leads the current coalition government formed by Five Star and League, confirmed he will visit Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 24th. Conte also announced an international conference to discuss... Еще the future of Libya, a key issue in Italian politics due to the migrant crisis. The party's founder, Beppe Grillo, assured those present that there was no need to worry about an EU letter which criticised Italy's budget and expressed concern over the country's high level of debts. The European Commission told Rome on Thursday that the draft budget for 2019 breached EU budget rules. «[The word] 'Debt' has two meanings in German, one is debt, the other one is guilt, I'm not guilty, the debt must not create guilt because if it did create guilt in 1953, Germany should have paid it. Instead, they didn't pay it and since they didn't pay it, they became the Germany that they are now,» Grillo said. Following World War II, Germany, along with other Axis countries, was obliged to pay reparations to Allied governments.

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