Italy: Plumes of smoke fill central Rome as bus catches fire

Journalist (Italian): «You saw there was a fire and you went out?» Bystander (Italian): «Yes, I am of the military police association, I am a lieutenant. That's it, I made everyone disembark the bus, even with the use of force, because some people were not understanding [what was going on]. Luckily they all got out of the bus.» Journalist (Italian): «Did the fire happen all of a sudden... Еще?» Bystander (Italian): «All of a sudden, it happened all of a sudden, immediately.» A bus caught fire in the centre of Rome on Tuesday morning, filling the streets with heavy smoke although the incident did not result in serious injuries, according to reports . The bus caught fire on Via del Tritone, not far from the world famous Trevi Fountain. Witnesses claimed everyone successfully evacuated the bus, adding the fire started without warning. Firefighters and police were joined by Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti who also arrived at the scene. The windows of the nearby buildings were reportedly broken after several explosions which happened while the bus was on fire. A short circuit is thought to have caused the fire, according to reports.

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