Italy: ‘Our insomnia is not a show’ — Rome housing rights protesters tell M5S’s Grillo

Around 300 people staged a demonstration in Rome on Thursday to protest against housing policies implemented by the city's municipal administration, led by the anti-establishment 5 Star Movement (M5S) party. Protesters decried a municipal decision to relocate evicted and homeless people in prefabricated houses, which protesters denounced as «shacks.» Demonstrators rallied in a square close to... Еще Rome's Flaiano Theatre, where M5S founder Beppe Grillo — a comedian before entering politics — was scheduled to perform a show titled 'Insomnia.' Protesters wanted to hear Grillo's take on the issue, as one of the M5S founders. The name of Grillo's show provoked further criticism, with protesters holding banners reading «our insomnia is not a show,» referencing the city's housing crisis. One protester was seen donning a pajama, pretending to sleep in the middle of the street. The protest was part of a wider dispute revolving around a series of evictions done by the Rome administration over the last year.

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