Italy: 'Orange vest' protesters demand government's resignation at Rome rally

The new anti-governmental and conspiracy theorist movement making waves in Italy, known as the 'Orange vests' met in the famous Piazza del Popolo in Rome on Wednesday. Led by ex-police general Antonio Pappalardo, the protesters demanded that the Italian government be disbanded and that Italy leave the Euro and return to the Lira. Protests popped up throughout the country but the most important one was taking place in the capital. «The Italian people, gathered today by the grace of God in the Piazza del Popolo, will decide, and this is the focal point, to invite the Conte government to resign immediately,» roared Pappalardo to a cheering crowd. Footage caught the crowd chanting the national anthem, some members were doing a Roman salute while singing, others had placards pushing the 5G conspiracy theory. «We invite them to form a new government, a new provisional government in which there must be people from this movement, and of all the spontaneous popular movements, to form the new electoral law and by October to go and elect a new Parliament printing a new national currency,» stated Pappalardo. Pappalardo then decided to hold a vote among his supporters regarding whether Italy should leave the Euro and start printing their own currency. The whole crowd voted in favour and chanted «Lira, Lira, Lira,» referring to the Italian national currency that was in use before the Euro. Pappalardo then signed a document stating these requests that he and a delegation from the group took to the Quirinale and Palazzo Chigi to present to the government.

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