Italy: Northern League leader Salvini visits Roma camp

A leader of the right-wing 'Northern League' party Matteo Salvini visited the Roma camp on the outskirts of Turin, Thursday, where he advocated razing it to the ground as a part of his election campaign. Salvini appeared at the camp accompanied by dozens of journalists and his supporters at 17:00 (16:00 GMT). He addressed the press, saying of the camp that «it is not acceptable to have areas of... Еще illegality in Italy» and serves as an «example of our government not working». Local residents of the camp at via Germagnano did not agree with him. «We are humans, like he is. There is no reason to have a fear of gypsies,» said one resident. «He wants to send us away with all the children living here. He must help us. He must not send us away. We are not illegals. We have been in Italy for 50 years,» stated another.

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