Italy: ‘No MUOS’ activists protest US military communications satellite system

Protesters hit the streets of the Sicilian town of Niscemi on Sunday, to oppose the presence on the island of the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), a US military communications satellite system. The «No MUOS» activists protested against what they consider an occupation and a militarisation of Sicily, and claimed that the island should not contribute to war and the destruction of the... Еще environment. One of the protesters warned that the US is conducting their wars from the nearby military base through the use of the system. «From Niscemi, each day, war instructions are sent, drones, spy-drones and driverless bombardiers are driven,» said Pippo Guerrieri, adding that the burden of these wars is on the local population. The Mobile User Objetive System (MUOS) is a modern satellite communications system of the US Navy, consisting of five satellites and four ground stations, one of which is located in Niscemi. The latest protest came just weeks after an Italian court acquitted a number of politicians accused of unauthorised building and violation of environmental laws related to the construction of the system, delivering a blow to the activists' struggle.

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