Italy: «Neither crew nor NGO formally accused of anything» — activist on seized Iuventa refugee rescue ship

Activist of the campaign 'Over the Fortress' Tommaso Gandini, who was on board the impounded refugee rescue ship Iuventa, stated that «neither the crew nor the NGO has been formally accused of anything,» as footage released in Lampedusa on Thursday shows. Gandini noted that the interrogation began «spontaneously, without the presence of any lawyer.» He went on to say that «the direction of the... Еще investigation of Trapani's Prosecutor Office against aiding illegal migrants remains unknown. Neither the crew nor the NGO has been formally accused of anything.» The activist explained that the Coast Guard of Rome requested to take on board two migrants, who he said «had previously been rescued by the same Coast Guard,» for transfer to the coast of Lampedusa. According to Gandini, «once docked in Lampedusa, the disembarkment took place normally; we already had two similar operations in April. After some routine checks, we were asked to stay for the night in order to be questioned in the morning. Again this was presented as a routine operation.» The boat belonged to the German-run NGO 'Jugend Rettet' and was seized as part of a parliament-agreed initiative to prevent the migration of undocumented people from Libya into Italy. Authorities claim that crew members of Iuventa have been in contact with human traffickers in order to transfer migrants from trafficker boats and carry them across the Mediterranean.
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