Italy: Nazi camp reenactment stirs fury

Footage from Friday shows a reenactment depicting a camp from the Nazi era with locals dressed up as SS officers in the Italian town of Cologno Monzese, near Milan, which has since stirred controversy. Simone Rosa, the Cologno Monzese councillor stood by the initiative, saying: «It's an initiative to show to families and kids how life was in Italy during Second World War, especially in Cologno... Еще. We have Wehrmacht, Russian army and partisans.» The event is run by the '36 Fuesilier Kompanie,' organisation whose name refers to the infamous 36th Grenadier Division of the Waffen SS, and is sponsored by right-wing Lega Nord party. The organisers describe the reenactment as a way of «re-evoking and learning about the life of an infantry unit». Italy's centrist Democratic Party as well as the National Association of Italian Partisans (ANPI) criticised the project, claiming that it is «offensive for those who fought for liberty and who were deported to death camps in Nazi Germany».

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