Italy: Nanotech company disinfects Milan with substance able to make surfaces 'self-sterilizing' for 'years'

The Nanotech Surface company offers its assistance in sanitizing Milan buildings with innovative substance that can leave the surfaces «self-sterilizing» for up to «two years,» according to company's manager, Alessandro Torretta. Footage filmed in Milan on Wednesday shows the sanitation process as Italy remains on lockdown, battling the severe coronavirus outbreak. «We are here to spray a... Еще particular antibacterial substance that makes the surfaces self-sterilizing from six months to two years. It is a nanotechnology and is composed of titanium dioxide and silver ions,» said Torretta. He added that «[the municipality of Milan] uses an immediate antibacterial substance which, when it passes, disinfects, however, if after a few hours someone infects the surface, there is no way to escape [the infection]. We should continue to rethink disinfection.» Torretta said that the product they use is «expensive» and that the company is dealing with 300-400-square-metre apartments and «important buildings» in Milan. According to the latest data released by the World Health Organisation, Italy has registered 31,506 coronavirus cases so far with 2,503 deaths.

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