Italy: MSF says migrant rescue op on hold after aggression from Libyan coastguards in Med

Doctors without Borders (MSF) announced a temporary hiatus of the group's search and rescue operation for migrants in the Mediterranean, Monday, in protest against what they feel is the «aggressive and threatening attitudes» of the Libyan coastguards. The head of MSF's search and rescue project, Michele Trainiti, stated from Catania that the Libyan coast guards had «unilaterally established a... Еще search and rescue zone of competence in Libya.» He added that MSF was «very much concerned because of this development, because we think it's just a next step for keeping people in Libya to prevent them from departing and to flee the violence,» going on to cite reports of «atrocities and violence» befalling those rescued by the Libyan mission. «In just one week, more than 1,400 people have been taken back into Libyan hell by the Libyan coast guards. We're very much concerned for their security, we know that once they're brought back they suffer atrocities and violence, including women; children, everybody, and therefore we are very much concerned for their safety.» The MSF representative added that before the group restarted their mission off the coast of Libya again, «we need to have some guarantees that we could do that under International Law, under International Refugee Law, and that our safety and security will be guaranteed, both by the Libyan coast guards as well as with guarantee by the EU that is supporting the Libyan coast guards and contributing to their training.»
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