Italy: Minniti urges trust from NGOs to sign code of conduct for Med. missions

Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti stated that there should be «a relation of trust» between NGOs toward Italy's new code of conduct for those bodies that run migrant rescue missions in the Mediterranean, speaking from the Ministry of Interior in Rome, Tuesday. «There should be a relation of trust between the national security and rescue device [that is, the code of conduct] [..] and the... Еще NGOs,» said Minniti. The minister also pointed out that the government respects the decision of two NGOs not to sign the protocol. Minniti added that in order to have «an ordered frame of management of the central Mediterranean, [...] Libyan forces should operate in Libyan territorial waters, along with the Libyan coastguard; international forces co-ordinated by our [Italian] coastguard should operate in international waters, along with NGOs.» Only five out of eight organisations have signed the code of conduct. The document was created to prevent aid groups from unwittingly aiding human traffickers. Following an increase in migrants and refugees arriving from Libya at the beginning of the year, the numbers have decreased, with the Interior Ministry showing that 97,293 people had arrived in Italy, down some 4 percent from the same period the following year.
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