Italy: Milan residents share struggles with shopping in time of coronavirus

Residents of Milan shared their struggles with buying essential goods and queuing outside supermarkets during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, Tuesday. «I haven't been able to go shopping for two weeks. Today I will do a more-than-abundant shopping,» said one resident. «I'll take a little bit of everything: meat, rusks, wine, a little bit of everything that I can carry with me home. I'm here... Еще with the scooter, so I can't do a lot of shopping. But I don't know if I'll stay in the queue. Because I don't really want to, honestly,» said another resident. «I am fighting against myself to get out as little as possible. In general, I am used to shopping once a week because I can't do it more frequent due to work. So, once a week, usually Saturday, like all families. It's sad. But I'll continue like this. Hopefully I try to make it once in 10 days,» said a third resident. «Twice a week. Not more than that. I don't go around after that, I don't go walking around. I have my son and daughter-in-law who live near me, they help me if I need anything, even by going to the pharmacy. I try to avoid catching the virus,» said a fourth resident. Italy has been Europe's worst-hit country by the COVID-19 outbreak.

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