Italy: Migrants risk life and limb to make dangerous Alpine crossing

Desperate migrants have been risking life and limb by making the dangerous Alpine crossing between France and Italy in search of a new life. Ruptly has accompanied some of these migrants as they attempt to traverse the Colle della Scala (Cole de l'Echelle in French), in freezing temperatures some 1800 metres above sea level, in footage recorded on Saturday. In the dead of night, dozens of... Еще migrants leave the Italian town of Bardonecchia en route to Nevache, on the other side of the border. Despite the harsh weather conditions and their lack of suitable clothing, the individuals who wish to make the crossing, like Mamadou from Senegal, are undeterred. He has been in Italy since 2015, and tried several times to cross the border to France, but has failed. On his stay in Italy he said, «I don't have an apartment. You had to sleep on the streets. That's the problem.» «You stay here, you don't have money, you don't have money to buy clothes or anything else,» he added. For them, the Alps are just another obstacle on an already hazardous journey from war-torn homelands and across the Mediterranean. Emilio, an activist from the anti-migration controls campaign ‘No Borders’ said, “I am desperate because I know we cannot help them all, we are too few people to help these guys.» “Now they are here, and we have to take care of them,” the activist states.

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