Italy: Migrants protest eviction of accomodation in Rome

Migrants protested the eviction four days ago of the Palazzo Curtatone building, which had been occupied by around 1,000 migrants in Curtatone Street, Rome, Wednesday. The building had been occupied by migrants, reportedly mostly from Eritrea and Ethiopia, since October 2013. Around 500 police officers were involved in the evacuation operation. During the protest the migrants hung banners... Еще reading «No! We are not terrorists. We want a house to live in.» They believe the municipality is yet to find an adequate solution to the problem. The migrants have spent four nights so far outside the Palazzo Curtatone building, sleeping on the pavements of the Piazza Indipendenza near Termini station. Police officers have launched a new operation to clear the square of the migrants which they have resisted. Children remain housed in the building.
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