Italy: Migrants forced to leave camp near Ventimiglia

Migrants camped by a railway bridge along Roja river in Ventimiglia were forced to leave the area on Thursday, following an order by local authorities. Reportedly, the area was ordered to be cleared “for reasons of public safety” because of the danger of flooding in case of heavy rainfall. INTERSOS NGO member Daniela Zitarosa said: “we cannot consider this to be a camp because it has no... Еще services at all. It’s an unconventional camp under open skies. The situation changes widely from week to week. Unfortunately now there are many families with many children. There are also many unaccompanied women.» Cultural mediators advised migrants to move to Roja Park, managed by the Red Cross, which already hosts around 300 people. According to local media, there were around 150-200 people living by the railway bridge.

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