Italy: Migrant-built igloos take integration to next level in Italian Alps

San Simone, a tiny Alpine village in Northern Italy, has taken integration to the next level as Davide Midali, an Italian restaurant owner, seeks out asylum seekers' help to build igloos up in the snowy mountains. Omar Kanteh, a 22-year-old Gambian asylum seeker, who had says he's never seen snow before is his life has now teamed up with the Italian, forming snow blocks and constructing a tiny... Еще village of snowy houses. Some were even decorated with red hearts, flowers and Prosecco ahead of the approaching of St Valentine's Day. The patrons seemed smitten with the icy abode with one saying, «You have sleeping bags and you have to stay very close together so you don't get cold. Then you have some Prosecco before you go to bed, hot chocolate and then we stay warm.» Midali considers the igloo village «the beginning of a real and unique integration […] at 1700 meters.»

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