Italy: Meet Kim Jong Un's Italian fan club

«There is a need to know better what the Juche ideology is and how North Korea is structured,» Andrea Marsiletti, founder of, the first North Korea- themed website in Italy, said in Florence on Friday. Marsiletti said he feels that there is a need for the website, because «both in Italy and in the rest of the world, the news of North Korea often does not conform very much to the... Еще reality.» Its main information source is the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). «Kim Jong-un has taken very important steps in peace with South Korea and the United States,» the 47-year-old engineer and journalist added. Marsiletti visited Pyongyang in 2016, when he was awarded with the official badge of the Workers' Party of Korea. «The party gives it to the worthy foreigners who in their opinion have made merits and have exercised a favourable activity about North Korea.»

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