Italy: Mayor of Vo shares town's experience in defeating coronavirus spread

Giuliano Martini, a mayor of the Vo city in the Italy's Veneto region, shared his town's successful experience in fighting the coronavirus spread, Wednesday. Martini stressed that the town hasn't had any new cases in the recent days. After having what's thought to be Italy's first coronavirus-realted death back in February, the town was put into a strict quarantine, being cordoned off from the... Еще rest of the country, with reportedly 97% of its population tested for the virus. According to the mayor, the check ups allowed to conduct a prompt isolation of the coronavirus patients, not letting the virus spread further. He also added that the research conducted showed that «50% to 75% of positive people are asymptomatic.» «The only action that has proven effective is to isolate the population,» stressed Martini, adding that he is afraid that after the cordon is lifted, new coronavirus cases might appear. With 74,386 infected people and 7,503 deaths, Italy has been the most affected European country by the virus. Globally there have been over 450,000 cases since the start of the outbreak, and over 20,000 deaths as of Wednesday.

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