Italy: Magistrates to «verify and sanction» NGOs communicating with traffickers — Palermo mayor

Local magistrates will «verify and sanction» cases of NGOs communicating with traffickers, said city mayor Leoluca Orlando speaking at the Palazzo Pretorio in Palermo, Friday. «There are single instances that have been identified and are being reviewed by the magistrates, and wherever there are found elements of responsibility with regard to single instances, I believe, we'll all ask for those... Еще elements to be verified and sanctioned,» he said. Orlando was commenting on the case of a refugee rescue vessel — the Iuventa — that was seized by Italian authorities off the coast of Lampedusa upon allegations that there had been contact between the ship's crew and Libyan people traffickers. Commenting on the broader question of migration to Europe, the mayor said: «our position is very clear: instead of expelling migrants from Europe, we'd expel from Europe all those states that do not respect the human rights of the human beings that are migrants, whether they have or do not have a residency permit.»
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