Italy: Macerata residents react to shooting spree

Residents of Macerata condemned the drive-by shooting spree which wounded a reported eight people and appeared to be racially motivated, Saturday. Several local residents said they saw the attack as a possible response to the recent killing of an 18-year old woman in the area. A Nigerian man has been arrested in connection with that attack. «After what happened two days ago [the discovery of... Еще her dismembered body], let's say one could have expected this sort of thing to happen, in my opinion. It was possible that someone would have reacted. Now let’s see if someone will take advantage of it or not,» said Jacopo, a local resident. «Above all, I’m shocked for what happened to the girl, it’s not normal what happened. Certainly, this is a reaction to the previous deed, with the girl,» said Franca, another resident. Meanwhile, the investigations continued on the spot where the suspect's car was stopped on Piazza della Vittoria. Reportedly, at the time of the arrest, the suspect had an Italian flag draped around his neck and performed a fascist salute.

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