Italy: M5S's Di Maio triumphantly welcomed by supporters in Pomigliano

The Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio was triumphantly welcomed in Pomigliano, Tuesday, after his party won the largest share of votes in the Italian general election. When addressing his supporters, Di Maio said, «Everybody is trying to associate us to the right or left, saying we are more right than left. We are neither right nor left. These are outdated categories.» Pomigliano... Еще residents were confident that Di Maio would bring about changes which, according to them, Italy needed. «Italy needs changes. And he [Di Maio] gives us so much trust. I can only say this. He is a good guy, and for me he rises to the occasion,» said one of Di Maio's supporters. Another supporter said, «Look, even in the north [of Italy] Five Stars had a resounding success considering that the north is the homeland of the Lega [Nord].»

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