Italy: M5S MP says Mattarella ‘trying to force his own government’

Five Star Movement (M5S) MP Manlio Di Stefano criticised Italian President Sergio Mattarella’s rejection of Eurosceptic Paolo Savona as the country’s economy minister, speaking in Rome on Sunday night. «The incredible thing is that President Mattarella has not only stopped this government, but is trying to force the government that is the expression of his own will. This is the incredible part... Еще of the situation,» Stefano stressed. «Candidate Minister [Paolo] Savona was the first saying us that Italy has to stay in the EU and the Eurozone, but it has to be stronger institutionally to bring some good points at home,» he added. Talking about Carlo Cottarelli, a former International Monetary Fund (IMF) director who President Mattarella is expected to ask to form a government, Stefano said there is no chance of it happening as long as M5S and the Lega Nord have majority in the parliament. The M5S leader Luigi Di Maio has demanded impeachment of the Italian president under the article 90 of the Italian constitution.

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