Italy: Local residents respond to opening of new refugee centre near French border

Local residents shared their opinions following the opening of a new refugee centre in the northern Italian town of Ventimiglia on Wednesday. A group of protesters had demonstrated against the event outside the town hall earlier in the day. One resident was in opposition to the decision: «We can't take it anymore; the city is invaded, we have no more freedom to go around living in our town» he... Еще said, adding «our constitution talks about the people's sovereignty. Where is this sovereignty, where is it?» A local business man also gave his take on the situation: «I'm a shop owner and tourism in Ventimiglia is going bad; there is basically no tourism any more and everyone is working less and less, and I know that today's demonstration could backfire because we will advertise this situation even more, but we really want all of this to be over.»
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