Italy: Lega Nord’s Salvini casts vote in landmark autonomy referendum

Lega Nord (Northern League) party leader, Matteo Salvini, cast his vote at a polling station in Milan, Sunday, as the regions of Lombardy and Veneto voted in a non-binding autonomy referendum. Voters in the Veneto region held a paper ballot, while the Lombardy region is using more modern electronic tablets to complete their vote. A successful vote could open negotiations with Rome where the... Еще fiscal autonomy for the regions would be discussed. Salvini explained that he hopes, «millions, of citizens in Lombardy and Veneto will ask for a closer policy, more real, efficient, with less bureaucracy and waste,» ahead of casting his vote via electronic tablet. Poll estimations for turnout are currently predicting 42 percent, which would make the referendum invalid as a successful turnout of 50 percent of the population is required for the vote to be upheld.

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