Italy: Lega Nord's Giorgetti lauds 'historic' preliminary results

Lega Nord (North League) Deputy Federal Secretary Giancarlo Giorgetti lauded preliminary election results as «historic,» at a press conference in Milan on Sunday. «It's a great satisfaction for the Lega, for Salvini. These are historic results. Our starting position was four percent, while the projected results tell us 16.17 percent. The results from the real polling places maybe even higher... Еще,» said Giorgetti. «We collected votes from the north [of the country] to the south. I believe that Matteo Salvini's battle has been won [by him]. Of course, we'll wait until tomorrow for the results, but I believe that in the Lombardy region we will have the confirmation of a president from the Lega Nord,» claimed the Lega Nord deputy federal secretary. Earlier in the day, Five Star Movement (M5S) member Alfonso Bonafede claimed his party's lead in the election, hailing the preliminary results as «historic» and «extraordinary.»

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