Italy: League's Salvini defends closing ports to migrants

The new Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini explained the reasons behind his decision to close Italian ports to migrant rescue ships, at a press conference in Milan on Monday. «I want to put an end to this human trafficking which puts thousands of lives at risk. So the same way we raised the issue for the Aquarius, we will raise it for all other vessels that will be following,» said Salvini... Еще, who came under criticism for his decision. «There are other countries — I'm hinting at France — which instead of accepting, they repel the migrants. So this is the question we raised this morning on the table of the European Commission also for what it has to do with the redistributions that were agreed on paper but are not currently in place,» he added. «Our objective is, we hope, the same one with that of the semester of the Austrian presidency, which is to protect the external borders of Europe. It is not that a trouble shares is a trouble halved but the goal is to protect the European borders and Italy is one European border,» concluded Salvini. Aquarius rescued 629 people in two different operations, with help from the Italian coastguard. They were to set dock in Sicily, but Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini responded by closing Italian ports and said Malta should take the boat. Spain has since offered 'safe harbour' to the migrant rescue ship.

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