Italy: Lawyers for US teens accused of killing police officer visit hotel where pair was arrested

Lawyers for the two US teenagers accused of murdering an Italian police officer visited the hotel in Rome where the pair were arrested, although they were unable to inspect the room where the two had been staying, on Wednesday. Speaking outside the hotel the newly-appointed lawyers said they would return to soon to try and inspect the room in Rome's Le Meridien hotel. Fabio Alonzi, Christian... Еще Gabriel Natale-Hjorth's lawyer, commented to journalists that his client was «emotionally very worn out» by recent events. The lawyer for Finnegan Lee Elder, who is alleged to have stabbed officer Mario Cerciello Rega to death, said that his client had no prior convictions in response to a question from a reporter. Italian authorities allege that officer Mario Cerciello Rega was fatally wounded when Elder stabbed him eleven times with an 18cm (7 inch) knife during a botched drug bust. The officer was buried near Naples on Monday, in a funeral that was held in the same chapel where he married in June. A widely circulated photograph depicting Natale-Hjorth cuffed and blindfolded while in custody has sparked concerns about the treatment of the duo and whether their legal rights were respected.

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