Italy: «It's our turn next» — Lega Nord after overwhelming autonomy votes

A leader of Lega Nord political party, Matteo Salvini, held a press conference in Milan, Monday following the non-binding Lombardy autonomy referendum in which more than 95 percent of the electorate voted in favour of the region's autonomy. Commenting on the results of the vote, Salvini stated that there was a 'hope' for Italy's future after 5.5 million Lombardy residents cast their ballots. «The referendum was a lesson in democracy for the whole Europe,» underlined Salvini, «We have to keep in mind clashes between Madrid and Barcelona, but we chose a legal, peaceful, constitutional way.» «Right-wing parties and so-called populists win and rule. In Austria so-called populists will enter the government, next it's our turn,» concluded Salvini. The votes will give Maroni and Veneto Governor Luca Zaia strong political sway when negotiating with the central government on the transfer of powers from Rome to Lombardy and Veneto, two of northern Italy's wealthiest regions.

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