Italy: Investigation underway after train derailment kills two near Milan

An investigation was underway after a high-speed train derailment killed two and injured as many as 30 people near the northern Italian town of Lodi on Thursday, the town's prefect confirmed. «It is a very serious accident which had a tragic epilogue with the death of two rail workers,» Lodi Prefect Marcello Cardona told reporters at the scene of the accident, adding that an investigation was... Еще underway to determine the cause of the incident. Cardona complimented rescue efforts, saying that «firefighters and police have done a job that is not normal, but extraordinary under every point of view. The fire department patrol chief immediately went inside the train and rescued everyone.» Pietro Foroni, a councillor for Territory and Civil Protection of the Lombardy Region, said rescuers «intervened immediately, after a short time everyone was operative on the scene in order to face the whole situation.» According to the officials, primary reports had indicated the train car had raced on the tracks for hundreds of meters before coming to a full halt after the derailment. No access Italy.

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