Italy: ‘Incredible strength’ — Lombardy overwhelmingly votes for autonomy

Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni said that more than 95 percent of voters in Lombardy voted in favour of the region's autonomy in a landmark non-binding referendum, speaking to the press in Milan, Sunday. Turnout was projected about 40 percent in Lombardy. «I am very satisfied of how things went on,» Maroni commented. «More than 3 million of Lombardy people, that means more than half all... Еще Italian regions population, added to more than 2 million of Veneto people, are, for me and [Luca] Zaia (Veneto Governor) an incredible strength,» Maroni said. The Governor went on to say that he has an «extraordinary mission» to «go to Rome and ask, in a national unity context, more authority, resources, because Lombardy region is special.» The votes will give Maroni and Veneto Governor Luca Zaia a strong political power to negotiate with the central government on the transfer of powers from Rome to Lombardy and Veneto, two of Italy's wealthiest northern regions.

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