Italy: 'I’m astonished by this unkindness' — Salvini slams French gov't over NGO boat

Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini challenged France to open the port of Marseille to the German NGO rescue boat 'Lifeline', currently stranded at sea, during a press conference in Rome on Monday. «The French minister [Minister of European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau] is ignorant, in the sense that she ignores, ignores the situation of this boat with an uncertain flag in someone else's... Еще waters that acted ignoring the signals of both the Libyan and Italian cost guard, so it is an outlaw boat,» Salvini said. Salvini also commented on his recent trip to Libya, saying that there is total collaboration between the two countries and suggesting that European funds are given to the country to help it cope with the migrant situation. «As the EU found three plus three billion euros to protect eastern borders, including Turkey — which is an extra-European country — from our Libyan friends, there is the same request for concrete intervention in the place the migrants leave.» The rescue ship Lifeline, which belongs to a German NGO of the same name, has now entered its fifth day of being stranded at sea. Italy and Malta have so far refused the boat permission to dock, leaving 234 African migrants waiting for answers off the coast of Malta.

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