Italy: Hundreds protest NATO's presence in Sardinia

Hundreds of people marched through the city of Oristano, in Sardinia, on Saturday to protest against NATO using Capo Frasca military base as its training ground. Some minor scuffles broke out between protesters and riot police in front of the base. Footage shows protesters and police officers shouting and pushing each other. «Sardinia has the 75% of the Italian NATO's bases. For the future of... Еще our children we want to dismantle them. We want to take back our Sardinia that has belonged to us for centuries» said a protester. «First, NATO's presence in Sardinia creates a political problem, and second, an ecological problem», added another protester, Luigi Piscis. The Italian Capo Frasca military base is used as a training ground by several NATO countries, including Germany, Turkey and Israel.

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