Italy: Hundreds protest Lyon-Turin high-speed railway in Valsusa

Hundreds of locals came out to protest against the proposed high-speed railway between Lyon and Turin known as TAV (Treno Alta Velocita or high-speed train) in Valsusa, on Saturday. The protesters, who refer to themselves as the 'No Tavs,' were filmed trying to cause damage to one of the railway's construction sites in the area before police intervened. «In addition to demonstrating our opposition, we will also make them understand that if running a small site like this one means using all of this law enforcement, then when they have to have three or four sites open in open terrain like here in Susa or in San Didero, it will be something very complicated for them,» said No Tav representative, Francesco Richetto. The movement questions the usefulness, cost, and safety of the project, which they believe is being driven by European construction lobbies.

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