Italy: Hundreds march in Foggia after death of 16 migrant farm workers

Hundreds of people marched through the southern Italian city of Foggia on Wednesday, to protest against the exploitation of agricultural workers after fatal accidents claimed the lives of 16 migrants over the last four days. Migrants held a banner reading «No more people dying on their jobs in the countryside. Apply law 199/2016,» referring to a law against illegal work and exploitation of... Еще agricultural workers. «It's enough, we want a safe job. A job like everyone, legality. We need to work. We want to live as everyone does, to have a contract and to be integrated,» migrant worker Simba said. The demonstration was organised by the Cgil, Cisl and Uil trade unions, with the participation of several associations including the anti-Mafia organisation Libera. On Monday, 12 migrant agricultural workers were killed in a car accident near the town of Lesin, 47 km (29mi) from Foggia. Four migrant workers had previously died on Saturday, when a truck hit a van in Foggia.

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