Italy: 'Hijacker' migrants allowed to disembark, two detained by police

Migrants on board the Italian coastguard ship 'Diciotti' were allowed to disembark at Sicily's Trapani port, early on Friday morning, after being held up for hours due to a police inquiry. It was alleged that at least two passengers forced the original vessel which rescued them to turn away from the Libyan coastguard in order to avoid being returned to Libya. Italy's Interior Minister Matteo... Еще Salvini labelled them «hijackers», adding that they would «get off the Diciotti ship in handcuffs.» The footage shows two migrants being escorted by police. They were taken to a police station in Trapani for further investigations. Italian oil rig supply tug rescued 67 migrants off the coast of Libya, before they were eventually handed over to the Italian coastguard.

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