Italy: Gigantic sinkhole in Rome swallows street with cars

A street collapsed in Balduina district in Rome on Wednesday, creating a sinkhole following months of construction work on three buildings at the area. The sinkhole swallowed at least six cars in its 9 metres (30 foot) deep and 15 metres (50 foot) wide cavity. No injuries have been reported, however police was deployed at scene to ensure that two residential building are safely evacuated... Еще. Resident of one of the evacuated buildings, Lorella Giordana recalled the months leading to incident saying that «it's the chronicle of a disaster that was announced.» Another evicted resident Giancarlo De Capraris, expressed his frustration with the situation and blamed the authorities of not updating the public on what is going to happen. Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi inspected the scene and assured the evicted residents that they will be provided housing.

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