Italy: 'Ghost ships' wash up on beaches as migrants skip registration with night-time landings

One of the many abandoned migrant boats to have washed up on the southern Sicilian coast could be seen at the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, Saturday, as those attempting to reach Europe from North Africa attempt to bypass registration by landing at night and deserting the vessels. Around 30 of these covert landings have reportedly taken place in Italy over the past two years, with the majority... Еще taking small groups of migrants from Tunisia to southern Italy in 6-7 metre long boats. The migrants allegedly change their clothes and leave the nature reserve to avoid detection by the Italian authorities. However, the boats are often left on the beach according to wildlife conservationist Claudio Lombardo «Those boats that you see are left here for months and they are left to be destroyed,» he said. «Behind the dunes where they dock, we often find clothes as they change as soon as they arrive, and sometimes we also find ID documents that are lost in the middle of the night, during the transfer.»
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