Italy: Genoa protesters demand action after Morandi bridge collapse

Protesters descended upon the city centre of Genoa on Monday to demand solutions to problems caused by the deadly Morandi bridge collapse back in August. At one point rally-goers surrounded President of Liguria Region Giovanni Toti and Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci carrying banners and chanting, as they demanded viable solutions. «We are working,» said Bucci, promising results as early as the... Еще end of the week. Protesters from Val Polcevera and Certosa, two areas heavily affected by the collapse, claimed to have been struggling with congestion, health and work hazards with the collapse effectively dividing the Italian city. «There are people who have lost their jobs and do not have any protection,» said Emilio Rizzo, a former resident of evacuated area close to the bridge. Morandi Bridge collapsed in Genoa on August 14, claiming 43 lives. Since the collapse, demolition of the remainder of the bridge has not yet taken place, and many are still prohibited from entering their homes due to the proximity to the bridge.

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